International Peace and Security


ELAC’s international peace and security work focuses on international diplomatic action and multilateral fora as the institutional guardians of the international rule-based system of global order, as well as emerging multi-stakeholder approaches to norm formation and policy implementation to address threats to international peace and our collective security. The laws and practice of international organisations (such as the UN, NATO), and regional and supranational organisations (such as the EU, AU, and OSCE), alongside frameworks -such as international human rights law- that put human life at the centre of international diplomatic action and discourse- are the main grounds through which we channel our work and research. We appear before international courts and tribunals, and conduct briefings and observations before a range of international fora, including the UN Security Council, the UN Human Rights Council, and the UN International Law Commission, among others. From a theoretical perspective, we are equally interested in traditional seats of power and authority as we are in understanding their evolvement, particularly vis-a-vis the role of non-state actors (such as civil servants and the civil society) in international norm formation. We are also interested in the study of political and diplomatic leadership as crucial factors in effective international mobilization and commitment to norms and action.


Nima Gerami and Chen Kane, 'Preventing Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East Post-JCPOA', ELAC Workshop Report, 6 December 2019

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