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Job Openings

There are no vacancies at the moment. Please check regularly.

Visiting Fellowships

Thank you for your interest in our Institute and work. We accept applications from prospective Visiting Fellows. Please send your application to

Your application should contain: 

  • Details on which academic year/term you are interested in joining us, and for how long;
  • An indication of whether you would you retain your affiliation with your home institution;
  • A proposal for the specific research project you would like to complete while visiting with us, including deliverables;
  • Your CV or resume;
  • A writing sample;
  • Two recommendation letters;
  • A cover letter stating what you hope to achieve while with us, and how we can best support you achieving these objectives;

Objectives can vary in nature, but in general, fellowships will generate a concrete outcome, such as a paper. You would also be asked to participate in the Blavatnik School's academic life, including attend relevant events and may be asked to give a presentation at our work-in-progress or research seminar series, and contribute to programmatic activities organised by ELAC. 

Your research project/proposal should preferably (though not necessarily) be of relevance to Faculty research. Please also note in your cover letter which Faculty member you wish to request as your sponsor for the fellowship. We can not guarantee that, if accepted, you will be assigned to the Faculty you have requested. 

Visiting Fellowship are funded externally, generally by the Fellow’s home institution.

Fellowships are subject to £150/week fee for administrative and other forms of support, including the assignment of a hot desk in our shared research office, the issuing of a University Card and credentials, email, access to libraries, etc. Generally, our Visiting Fellows' home institutions cover this fee.